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Aktru Company was established on the 25 of March 2005. The main goal of its activities was and is to promote Polish entrepreneurs, their companies in the Internet of Eastern Europe in which information about Poland is not widespread. That’s how, for now we have almost 2,000 Polish companies in our catalogue.

Our staff is a team of professionals specialized in the field of marketing, web presentations and translators of languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish and Polish. Many of our colleagues are native Russians and Ukrainians.

To meet the expectations of the Eastern Market - businessmen, manufacturers, dealers and importers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other CIS countries we have launched the information catalogues in which we are presenting Polish companies, farms, offices and tourist facilities. That’s how we spread the information!

Your Company could be presented in one of our three information catalogues (polturizm / polagro / polfirms). We will prepare for you a good-looking multilingual internet presentation in the graphical and textual forms. Our presentations are placed on Russian, Ukrainian and European subdomains. Also translated by us on any needed language. We attach to presentations photos, animations, and short films. As a result, you will receive a fully functional mini web page, published on different domains. All work on the projects performs the team of specialists from Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

In the case of interest in the offer of Western European online promotion, operation is identical to the version of the east. Such presentation also could be translated into two foreign languages (default: English and German) or any other language from the basic language group (French, Italian, Spanish). If you wish to use the language beyond the popular language groups, also there is a possibility! For more information visit our website ).

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In our catalog you can quickly and easily reach hundreds of thousands of customers from Eastern Europe. Show yourself from the best side!

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Our catalog is a database of Polish companies, offering the highest quality products and services.